Cap Lamp

Cap Lamp

Cap lamp is also known as miner lamp. It can be used at the bottom of roadway, and it can also be used in the construction of the mine tunnel and cavern with large quantity of water.

1. Safety
Contained in a sealed battery case, the cap lamp has a short-circuit protection, which makes it explosion proof. The miner lamp is CE certified for use in explosive atmosphere like coal mines.
2. Reliability
Tough housing and optimized design guarantees this miner lamp durable and strong. The durable Li-ion battery has an over charge protection system to protect the battery from over charging. The cap lamp is suitable for operation under harsh mining conditions.
3. Portability
This miner lamp is small in size, light in weight, free in maintenance and easy in operation. It has received praise from many miners and major mining companies.
4. Environmental
The cap lamp is made from environmentally friendly Li-ion battery and other non hazardous materials.

1. The charging work of this miner lamp should be under the control of technical staff.
2. The battery temperature of the cap lamp should not be over 45℃ when charging.
3. When the battery needn’t charging or the power is off, the lamp head should be rotated at 180º clockwise.
4. The used miner lamp should be at least charged 12 hours.
5. The battery which makes cap lamp light or light-off should be examined or changed.

Established in March, 2003, Nanchang Kama Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery in China. They have been exported to Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Morocco, Zambia, Congo, South Africa, Peru, and Nicaragua, Bolivia and other countries and regions. The cap lamp (miner lamp) has been also sold to those countries and winning widespread recognition and praise. As a subsidiary of listed company and a coordinated company of central enterprise, our company regards quality and reputation as life. The main components of products are all imported. Over three years’ development, we have sales person and components supplying in many countries. So our products’ quality are all guaranteed.

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