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Gantry Crane

  • Single Girder Gantry CraneThis single girder gantry crane is used for loading, unloading and hoisting materials at open-air warehouse or...
  • Double Girder Gantry CraneThis double girder gantry crane is used for loading, unloading and hoisting materials at open-air warehouse or...
  • Electric Hoist Gantry CraneThe electric hoist gantry crane is developed for simple lifting, widely used in a variety of ways, such as at open-air place...

Gantry crane, also known as goliath crane, is a crane which uses a hoist to move heavy objects. The hoist is frequently attached to a rail or multiple rails allowing the user to move the object horizontally. The gantry cranes are mounted on rails or rubber tyres. These goliath cranes are often used in heavy industries. These cranes can also be adapted to workshops to transport lighter loads.

1. The delivery cycle of this gantry crane is short, needing 90~120 days. We can also customize this product for our customers, which requires 90~150 days.
2. Overseas customers can enjoy 24/7 after-sale service and dispatching service. There is also components storage of this goliath crane there to provide timely service.
3. The gantry crane can satisfy the requirements of heavy load, high efficiency and frequency assignments. At the same time, the noise and dust caused by the overhead crane is under the environmental protection standard.
4. This goliath crane owns safe and precise speed control system. It can effectively save workshop’s space and investment cost.
5. This gantry crane is advanced in technology, superior in performance, light in dead weight, and compact in structure, high in efficiency and convenient in maintenance.
6. The goliath crane is stable to operate and needn’t repairing within 2000 using hours.
7. This gantry crane provides an economical way to lift materials anywhere.

1. Single Girder Goliath Crane
2. Double Girder Gantry Crane
3. Electric Hoist Goliath Crane

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