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BZC-150 Water Well Drilling Rig

BZC-150 Water Well Drilling Rig

This BZC-150 water well drilling machine is a rotary drill with a gasoline power head. When the power head piles into the earth, water is pumped through the drill stem with the high pressure mud pump and out at the bit, washing the cuttings. The water well drilling rig can be utilized in drilling functional water wells for drinking water, irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, ponds, swimming pools, even geo thermal heating and cooling systems.

1. The water well drilling machine introduces the rotary drilling method, the most modern method of drilling today. It is fast and efficient and until recently it was only available in large, expensive, truck rigs.
2. The key feature of this water well drilling rig is that it can bear heavy duty construction. And the support frame is made of a solid steel beam with no poles and no tubes, which insure a stable, smooth, straight-line drilling process with no constant shaking and rocking action commonly seen on the lighter, cheaply made rigs.

1. The water well drilling machine adopts hydraulic system, thus the drill tower’s elevation is controlled hydraulically like the four or six landing legs. The back landing legs can stretch horizontally, which can be operated alone or with other systems at the same time. These factors greatly improve the flexibility of this water well drilling rig.
2. This water well drilling machine is equipped with hydraulic power steering gearbox, which offers convenience when transferring drilling places.
3. The three phase AC generating set is in your option when choosing this water well drilling rig. That AC generating set does benefits for night lighting and welding maintenance.
4. The water well drilling machine can be installed with standby motor to achieve high efficiency according to customers’ requirements.
5. The water well drilling rig can also be equipped with hydraulic pressure device to improve high efficiency when meeting hard layer like rocks.

Compared with other water well drilling machines, our company’s delivery cycle is short. Overseas customers can enjoy 24/7 after-sale service and dispatching service. There is also components storage of the water well drilling rig there.

Technical Parameters of BZC-150 Water Well Drilling Machine

Technical Parameters
Drilling Depth (m) 50 150
Drilling Diameter (mm) 1500 500
Rotary Speed (r/min) 80.3, 52.1, 32.7, 18.64, 10.99, 10.48 (Reverse)
 Rotary Torque (kn.m) 7.1, 10.9, 17.4, 30.7, 52.1, 54.8 (Reverse)
 Winch Single Pulling Force (kn) 30
 Hook Lifting Capacity (kn) 120
 Drill Tower Carrying Capacity (kn) 150
Drill Tower Height (mm) 7240
Drill Rod  Main Drill Rod (mm) 182×182×5000
 Assistant Drill Rod (mm) Ф168×8×3000 (Threaded Connection)
  Hydraulic Oil Pump  Type CB-E532
 Output Volume (ml/r) 32
 Rated Speed (r/min) 2000
 Rated Pressure (Mpa) 16
    Mud Pump      Flow (m³/h) 200
 Lift (m) 26
 Suction (m) 7.5
 Rotate Speed (r/min) 1450
 Power (KW) 30
  Gravel Pump    6BS Gravel Pump    Flow (m³/h) 280
 Suction (m) 7.5
 Lift (m) 18
 Rotate Speed (r/min) 730
 Power (KW) 30
Supporting Power      Diesel    Type NC4110ZG17-20 Diesel
 Power (KW) 74
 Rotate Speed (r/min) 2000
 Total Weight (t) 15
 Working Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 7144×2300×8315
 Transport Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 7460×2300×3060
                                The Walking Speed < The Second Gear Speed

The Optional Configuration

  Drill Rod  Main Drill Rod (mm)  182×182×5000
 Assistant Drill Rod (mm)        Ф168×8×3000 (Flanged Connection)
            Generator Set  Type MF
 Rated Power (KW) 15
 Rated Voltage (v) 400
 Rated Current (A) 27
 Power Factor 0.8
 Rotate Speed (r/min) 1500
 Frequency (Hz) 50
 Insulation Grade H
 Protection Grade IP21
    Gravel Pump       8BS Gravel Pump  Flow (m³/h) 400
 Suction (m) 7.5
 Lift (m) 18
 Rotate Speed (r/min) 600
 Power (KW) 55
  Supporting Power   Diesel Type NC6110ZG17-20 Diesel
 Power (KW) 115
 Rotate Speed(r/min) 2000
  Supporting Power   Motor  Type Y315S-6
 Power (KW) 75
 Rotate Speed (r/min) 980

Founded in March, 2003, Nanchang Kama Co., Ltd specializes in research, development, production and sales of mining machinery. Kama has built cooperation with local famous universities and has been supplying training to local universities, in order to develop mining machinery with the most advanced technology. The water well drilling machine (water well drilling rig) is one of our company’s main products. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us.

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