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BZC-350D Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

BZC-350D Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

Equipped with various drilling devices, this BZC-350D truck mounted drilling rig can be applied for other drilling purpose, e.g. mineral drilling. It is mainly used for hydrological geology and water well drilling in clay, sand and bedrock layers. Thus it is also called well drilling truck. This truck mounted drilling rig can also perform the detection and exploration of underground water as well as construction of underground tunnels, ventilation holes, etc.

1. This well drilling truck is widely used. Due to its large diameter hole, it can satisfy water well drilling. Because of its big lifting capacity, it can be used to geothermal construction.
2. This truck mounted drilling rig is reasonably designed, which has compact structure and complete accessories.
3. Adopting standard module design, the modules of this well drilling truck can be installed at crawler chassis or on truck, which is convenient to displace.
4. The delivery cycle of this truck mounted drilling rig is short, requiring 90~120 days. Overseas customers can enjoy 24/7 after-sale service and dispatching service. There is also components storage there.

1. The main transmission, gearbox, winding engine, mud pump and drill tower of the water well drilling truck are all installed on the automotive chassis.
2. This truck mounted drilling rig is applicable to deep wells engineering, building, bridge pile foundation, oilfield casing, high tension line, wind power at the bottom of the pile, geological mine, port terminals, the construction of the dam foundation, etc. It has been winning customers’ recognition and praise at home and abroad.
3. This water well drilling truck introduces hydraulic system, thus the drill tower’s elevation is controlled hydraulically like the four or six landing legs. The back landing legs can stretch horizontally, which can be operated alone or with other systems at the same time. These factors greatly improve the flexibility of this truck mounted drilling rig.
4. The water well drilling truck can also be equipped with hydraulic pressure device to improve high efficiency when meeting hard layer like rocks.
5. The three phase AC generating set is in your option when choosing this truck mounted drilling rig. That AC generating set does benefits for night lighting and welding maintenance.
6. This water well drilling truck is equipped with hydraulic power steering gearbox, which provides convenience when transferring well places.

Technical Parameters of BZC-350D Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

Technical Parameters  
Drilling Depth (m) 80 300  
Drilling Diameter (mm) 1500 500  
Rotary Speed (r/min) 21.2, 36, 63.2, 100.6, 155, 20.2 (Reverse)  
Rotary Torque (kn.m) 18, 10.6, 6, 3.8, 2.5, 18.9 (Reverse)  
Main Winch Single Pulling Force (KN) 30  
Max. Main Winch Pulling Force (KN) 180  
Assistant Hydraulic Winch Single Pulling Force (KN) 40  
Max. Assistant Winch Pulling Force (KN) 160  
Hook Lifting Capacity (KN) 180  
Tower Carrying Capacity (KN) 180  
Drill Tower Height (mm) 11500  
Load Bearing (t) 25  
  Drill Rod Main Drill Rod (mm) 108×108×7500  
Assistant Drill Rod (mm) Ф89×10×5500  
  Hydraulic Oil Pump       Type CBQL-F550/F532-CFHL  
Output Volume (ml/r) 50/32  
Rated Speed (r/min) 2000  
Rated Pressure (Mpa) 20  
    BW850/2A Mud Pump Cylinder Liner Diameter (mm) 150  
Piston Stroke (mm) 180  
Theoretical Flow (L/min) 600, 850  
Rated Pressure (Mpa) 3, 2  
Jig Frequency (min-1) 58, 82  
Slouch Pipe Diameter (mm) 127  
Drain Pipe Diameter (mm) 64  
Input Rotate Speed (r/min) 470  
Input Power (kw) 40  
External Dimensions (mm) 2000×1030×1400  
Weight (t) 1.5  
  Supporting Power   Diesel   Type FAW Xichai CA6DF3-18E3  
Rated Power (KW) 132  
Rotate Speed (r/min) 2300  
Max. Torque 650N.m/1300-1500rpm  
    Automobile Chassis Type CZ5210  
Driving Type 6×6  
  Motor Type FAW Xichai CA6DF3-18E3   
Rated Power (KW) 132  
Rotate Speed (r/min) 2300  
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 10230×2490×2870  
Tyre 9.00-20 or 10.00-20   7.5V-20  
      Generator Set Type MF  
Rated Power (KW) 15  
Rated Voltage (v) 400  
Rated Current (A) 27  
Power Factor 0.8  
Rotate Speed (r/min) 1500  
Frequency (Hz) 50  
Insulation Grade H  
Protection Grade IP21  
Max. Speed (Km/h) 70  
Weight (kg) 19350  
Transportation Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 12044×2490×3740  
Working Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)  10106×2490×13128  

Established in March, 2003, Nanchang Kama Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery in China. Our mining machinery is mainly used in projects such as mine prospecting coring, open-pit mine blasting, large earthwork dissection of the hydropower station construction, underground roadway blasting, etc. The truck mounted drilling rig (well drilling truck), is one of our company’s main products. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us.

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